Choosing Happiness

Is it coincidence that I got a “Seize the Day” calendar for Christmas? Or that the page for January second had a quote about happiness? Maybe, maybe not, but either way these are great words to live by.


How often do we place our happiness in the hands of others? We let one silly person or some small event ruin a good mood, or sometimes even an entire day of our life.

I spent the weekend with my little cousins, all under the age of three, and no matter what got them down, it was soon forgotten. Maybe they fell over, or had their toy snatched away, or jammed their fingers in a door. Maybe they sulked for a bit, but then they would smile and giggle and move on like nothing had happened. They seemed to realize that there is too much fun to be had to spend the day in a bad mood. Imagine what it would be like to just look forward to all the possibilities of today rather than dwelling on one bad moment!

Why do we let bad moods be infectious? I know I’ve had my fair share of days where I’ve met particularly grouchy people and I’ve let their bad mood bring me down. Even if I only talk to them for two minutes, I still let it impact the rest of my day.

Part of what I’m trying to realize in this year-long project is that only I can control how I feel. I can choose to let nasty comments or a slight bump in the road get me down, OR I can choose to remind myself that life goes on. So here’s my challenge to you. Today, when something gets you down, think about your options. Say to yourself, in your best Doctor Phil voice, “Do I want to be happy? Or do I want to dwell on this teeny tiny moment for the rest of my day?”.  There are a million places to find joy, so look for one of those instead of clinging to that one thing that’s going to make you sad. And most importantly, let me know about it!


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