The Perfect Salesperson

If I could add something to Neil Pasricha’s “Book of Awesome”…

Imagine, you walk into a store, there are several types of salespeople you may encounter:

  1. The Obsessive Helper: This is the person who, no matter what part of the store you go to, follows you and tells you about every product you pick up. It’s nice that they want to help you out, but sometimes you just need a few minutes to think over a purchase without feeling like you’re being pushed into buying something you’ll regret.
  2. The Ignorer: This person may not greet you as you enter the store and they may ignore your presence altogether.
  3. The Good Worker: This is the type of salesperson I encounter most. They greet you (once), are available if  you have questions or need to get into a fitting room, they ring through your purchase with ease and grace – a smile on their face the whole time.


But then we have…

4. The Awesomator: This person fulfills all the tasks the the Good Worker, but they do one thing that puts them into a category of their own. They pay attention! They’re not just concerned about saying hello so that their boss sees that they are doing their job, but they really seem to want to help you. For example, I was in a store yesterday and had picked up a new moisturizer to try. I was wandering around the rest of the store, just browsing, when    the Awesomator approached. Like the two salespeople before her, she said hello and told me let her know if I needed any help, but then she looked at the product I had picked up , did a weird little head swerve so she could see what it was, and then proceeded to show me that the same product was available as a set with another product – for the same price!


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