January is over, and I have to admit, my resolutions were not entirely successful. Two of them (1-make time to run and 2-sleep when I need to sleep) got blindsided by several weeks of insomnia. Some people can deal with lack of sleep well. I am most definitely NOT one of those people. But that’s OK because I’m not viewing it as a failure, but as an extra challenge for this month that I feel I’m ready to tackle. Resolution 3 (tidy up) has gone pretty well. Sure, my desk may get a little messy sometimes, and I may not make the bed every morning, but there’s no laundry sitting in the dryer (something I’m really prone to doing) and the couch can actually be used for its true purpose instead of acting as a storage space for coats, books, or my guitar. As for resolution 4 (tackle a nagging task), some things have been done, but others still need doing. The list of things to do is constantly growing, but I do feel like I’m on top of things for the moment. So even though January is over, these four resolutions will carry over. And now I get to add in February’s resolutions!

February is the month to do the things that are good for ME. I want to make time for yoga, eat the food my body deserves, and sing everyday. Although it’s only February 2nd, these resolutions are working out well. I just got back from a yoga class, and while not as relaxing as usual, it was really instructive. Singing everyday is not going to be difficult, but part of that resolution is to do MORE with my singing. It’s about discovering new music, using song to bring happiness into the day, and (hopefully) working up the guts to share my singing with others. The biggest challenge, and the one that is going to take the most getting used to, is my resolution concerning nutrition. Not only have I decided to try and make healthier choices, but I’ve decided to go vegetarian. I’ve already borrowed a selection of vegetarian cookbooks from a friend, and the other day I made lentil patties (kind of like a hamburger patty) that were absolutely delicious. I’m a little nervous about the whole thing, but mostly I’m excited about the challenge.

And now, on a completely different note, have you ever thought about the way you laugh? The truth is, laughter in itself is funny. Maybe this is why things seem to be funnier when we experience them with someone else instead of alone. For example, I remember watching an episode of Saved by the Bell with a friend. Even though I’d seen it before, it was absolutely hilarious. So, do you know what kind of laugh YOU have? Enjoy this video from Jonathan Joly.


P.S. – I’m TOTALLY the silent wheezy laugh. 🙂


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