Early Mornings, Late Nights, and Making the Best of the Time In Between

Let it go, one of my commandments, was originally about letting go of the past. At the moment, however, I realize it is also about letting go of the things which are out of my control. As a university student I rely on the city bus to get to and from school everyday, but we are currently in the middle of a transit strike. For me, this means getting dropped off at school at 7:30am, going to class, and hanging around until someone can pick me up. Many nights this is followed by working until 10pm. So, what’s a girl to do? The most likely response is to get angry, frustrated, just a tad P.O.’d, if you will. But my first thought? Where in this new schedule will I fit in running and yoga – two activities that are key to my sanity? With only having had two such days thus far, I have yet to figure this out. So, as I sat at school today with my empty Starbucks cup, the coffee long gone, I tried to come up with all the reasons why it’s not so bad.

  1. It’s not my problem to solve. Seriously! Think of all the anger directed towards the people involved in negotiating a deal to end the strike. Glad that’s not directed at me.
  2. It will (hopefully) make me a little more organized with my time.
  3. No sitting next to creepy, smelly people on the way to school. Nice!
  4. I got to finish my book today. (Changing My Mind by Margaret Trudeau)
  5. I’ll have lots of time to study (providing I remember to BRING my study materials).
  6. Even if I forget said study materials, I can draft a blog post……
  7. I’ve essentially got unlimited options for where I can go to get a coffee. (There was at least four places within two minutes of me while I wrote this. )
  8. I had time today to sit down and chat with a friend.
  9. People watching. Not eavesdropping…people watching.
  10. Every once and a while I can hear someone playing the piano in the lobby.

So, has life really gotten so bad because the busses aren’t running? Guess not.

“Things turn out the best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out”

(Art Linkletter)


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