I’m famous!

It still counts as yesterday’s photo if it’s posted early in the am right? Seriously, 8am on a Sunday is still some people’s Saturday night.

I had another photo planned, but I stumbled across this photo this morning. Now, I didn’t TAKE this picture, but I’m in it. Last month I went to Snow-ga at Lululemon, and I’M IN THE PICTURE ON THEIR WEBSITE! The girl on the left (in the insanely bright green sweater) is me! I know, I know, I’m WAY too excited about this. 🙂

I love yoga, and this was probably the strangest yoga class I’ve ever been to. The girl leading it teaches a class called “Shake Your ASSana (normally spelled Asana), and let me tell you, yoga is made SO much harder when you’re laughing your assana off.


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