Things I Know (Because I Run)

Photo Day #5

I love to run, and sometimes I forget that. That’s why I have a bunch of advertisements ripped out of running magazines taped to my bathroom door. I particularly love the Saucony ads that say “We know………because we run.” (Even though I’m sold on my Asics trainers).

After not having run for a while I finally got my butt out the door yesterday evening because I needed to clear my head. I needed that alone time with the road to just think.

Here is one of the Saucony ads on my door.

It’s true. The road IS a good listener. It doesn’t argue back. It’s there for as long or as short of a time as you need it. It kicks your ass when you need it kicked. It takes your pounding footsteps when you feel the need to sprint and let out your frustrations and it leads you to trails that make you slow down and relax.

So, three cheers for the road!


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