Creepy Mannequins and Parking Tickets

Photo Day #6

Today I met up with some friends at a local vintage shop, which can be conveniently recognized by the super creepy mannequin tied to the pole outside, seen here posing with Leah and Steph.


I also experienced a first today…my first parking ticket. After having been driving for over five years, I finally got my first ticket for apparently parking on private property. In my defense, I saw no signage indicating private property. The only sign I saw was the one that told me it was a parking centre, and seeing how there were a bunch of stores there, I fail to see how it was private property. And keeping in mind March’s set of resolutions, one of which is to be aware of and minimize complaining, let it be known that I am not complaining but simply voicing my confusion. Yeah, that sounds better.

I’m not the only one who doesn’t agree with the ticket. The birds made it quite clear that they also thought it was a load of bull. 🙂


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