Small Joys

You know how sometimes the simplest things are the things that really make you smile?

Yesterday’s Canada Day celebrations brought me several of these moments.

The first was watching my friend’s three year old son as he watched the parade. Hoisted up on my boyfriend’s shoulders he smiled, pointed and waved as bands, cars, pirates and bubbles passed by. He was ecstatic, and the joy of a three year old can spread like wildfire.

The second was going for frozen yogurt with my boyfriend on our way to the fireworks downtown. It’s the type of shop where you pick your flavour and then add any toppings you like. Our choice? A mixture of lemon and mango sorbet topped with Oh-Henry chunks and gummy worms. It was surprisingly delicious and we enjoyed it while walking through the summer streets of the city.

The third moment was at the end of the evening. After deciding to go home before the fireworks (apparently at ages 24 and 22my boyfriend and I, respectively, have already become old fogeys who need to go to bed at a reasonable hour) we ended up watching “Despicable Me”. I had already seen the movie several times, and I’m really excited about the sequel, but it was my boyfriend’s first time watching it. I loved how hard he laughed at the jokes in the movie, and that I still laughed even though I had seen it before. It’s nice to see some simple humour (It’s so fluffy!!!) instead of some of the long, drawn out, try-to-hard jokes that seem to be so common.

So take some time to stop and smell the roses / to put the gummy worms on the sorbet / to interpret the sign written in Korean / to dance to Abba at work / etc…, because all of these small moments add up to that big thing called life.


“In five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes
How do you measure
A year in the life?”
– Seasons of Love (Rent)

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