Nothing to Eat!!

My best friend is allergic to everything under the sun. In the past year she’s had to cut out gluten and soy on top of having a shellfish allergy. If this wasn’t enough, she found out yesterday that she is now also allergic to dairy. So, under doctors orders, she has started a cleanse – and being the great bestie that I am, I am doing it with her.

Now, I’m not COMPLETELY doing the cleanse. She will be taking herbal supplements as well as adopting a particular diet, whereas I will only be adopting the diet*. This “cleanse” lasts for twelve days, and involves cutting out dairy, heavy grains, alcohol, exotic fruits, and foods high in sugar.
*By diet I mean my overall eating. This is not a calorie-restricting attempt to lose weight.

So, “What will you be able to eat?”, you may ask. Lots of veggies, beans, local fruits, quinoa, potatoes, etc…

It’s not really too crazy of a diet. I will admit that some of the things we’re cutting out are foods I would consider quite healthy (i.e. pineapple, bananas, and mushrooms), but for twelve days I think it should be ok. At the end of the cleanse we’re supposed to feel “lighter, have more energy, and have given our bodies a break from some foods that are harder to digest (flours and sugars).

Whether or not we actually achieve these results is another question. One which I will let you know the answer to in twelve days.

Happy eating!

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