Bucket List

Who doesn’t have a bucket list? Even if it’s just a few ideas in your head, everyone has things that they want to do in their lifetime. A lot of the things on my list include travel, and there is certainly more places I want to see than are written here. This list is nowhere close to being complete. I’m always thinking of new things that I’d love to do. No matter how crazy or simple something is, it goes on this list.

Anything in green has been checked off.

  1. Go to Russia
  2. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  3. Go to Germany
  4. Do yoga in India
  5. Travel to Romania
  6. Drink coffee in Italy
  7. Go England 
  8. Go to France
  9. Learn how to snowboard
  10. Run the Boston Marathon
  11. Run the original marathon
  12. Run the Goofy marathon
  13. Go ziplining
  14. Go spelunking
  15. Attend a FIFA World Cup match
  16. See a ballgame at Fenway Park
  17. Attend a match at Wimbledon
  18. Learn how to play the guitar
  19. Record a CD
  20. Sing randomly in the street
  21. See San Sebastian perform live
  22. Sing at a wedding
  23. Drive a  truck
  24. Invent something
  25. Get married
  26. Take a road trip with the girls
  27. Take the subway by myself
  28. Graduate University (2013!!)
  29. Have a bonfire at a beach
  30. Give someone one of my paintings
  31. Listen to cheesy music while sitting at a cafe in Paris
  32. Own my own house
  33. Put gas in the car (yes, this was seriously on the list)
  34. Tell someone “I love you”
  35. Kiss someone at the Eiffel Tower
  36. Get a tattoo
  37. Return to Sherbrooke
  38. Read all of Jane Austen’s books
  39. Go on a roller coaster that goes upside down
  40. Attend the Glastonbury Festival
  41. Read the complete works of Shakespeare
  42. Become a regular blood donor
  43. Volunteer at a nursing home
  44. Volunteer with habitat for humanity or a disaster aid organization
  45. Be in a film
  46. Create a blog (Yes!!!)
  47. See turtles hatch
  48. Help design and build my own house
  49. Start herb and vegetable gardens
  50. Listen to singing bowls in Tibet
  51. Own a Modigliani painting
  52. Attend a Russell Peters show
  53. Go to a taping of the George Stroumboulopoulos Show
  54. Travel across Canada
  55. Try vegetarianism
  56. Visit Newfoundland

1 Response to Bucket List

  1. Stefanee says:

    Ash, didn’t realize you had a blog! I can def. help you out with a few of these! I will take a painting off your hands at any time! I will also let you sing at my wedding (if we ever end up getting married ;p) and, I’ve been known to sing randomly in the streets on a good night in Halifax…. We’ll talk ;P

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